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Megativy offers a complete modular high efficient design for a smooth ATSC transition. Engineered for a optimized network deployment with the best in class technologies needed for the TV of tomorrow.

Product Efficiency

- New H265 compression allows for 4K and 8K transmission for fixed or mobile receivers with the support of both ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 standards.
- Ideal compromise between high-efficiency and low maintenance operations, with transmitters networks deployed for an average 20 year lifecycle, minimizing operating costs.
- Available in all Thomson product lines, the implementation of the latest generation and version of 50-V LDMOS transistor technology in Doherty operation mode allow Megativy to for increased power for maximum coverage while maintaining maximal RF performance.

Design & Features

- Transmitter rack can be equipped with up to 8 amplifiers running in parallel for an industry unmatched 4kW power in a single rack.
- Cooling system adaptable to any station and environmental conditions – high dissipating capacity, low-noise level and maximum savings on costly maintenance operations.
- N+1 configuration in Passive Reserve is offered for an outstanding solution redundacy.