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Gigativy is the latest in product design and from Thomson Broadcast, specifically engineered for the 3.0 ATSC transition for over-the-air broadcasters. With Gigativy, a smooth and cost efficient digital switch from DSO will offer you a higher quality content broadcast for greater value.

Product Efficiency

- Implementation of the largest generation and version of 50-V LDMOS transistor technology in Doherty operation mode for up to 40% efficiency.
- Power supply voltage is also optimized to adjust to the required output power while operating at the optimal point.
- Power density is achieved up to 18 kW in a single rack with 12 power amplifier (25kW/m)
- High energy efficiency over UHF band for huge OPEX savings.

Exciter & Control System

- Design to support all modulations schemes in an all in one 1U module and 4U in Dual Drive and Passive Reserve configuration
- SISO-MISO support allows for maximum coverage and high quality guarantee
- Exciter features 2 ASI input streams and 2 IP input streams for stream redundancy
- Newly designed control system manages and monitors operation on the entire transmission chain, switching exciters, amplifiers and transmitters in case of N+1 configuration, ensuring 24/7 signal availability.