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Dreamline provides unmatched features previously only available in high power equipment. Capable of reaching from 20W to 300W, this is the highest performing transmitter available on the market today. Dreamline transmitters provide the highest constant performances thanks to Thomson's innovative design.

Product Efficiency

- Integrated real time DAP allows for correcions on linear and non-linear distortions generated by output mask filters and amplifier distortions.
- Changing an RF output channel has never been easier thanks to a simple command accessible though the front panel or web server, allowing for immediate and automatic adjustment.
- The Dreamline transmitter system is the perfect low-power solution for both Multi Frequency Networks (MFN) and Single Frequency Networks (SFN).

Design & Features

- Dreamline transmitters are easy installable into any standard EIA 19 inch wide cabinet in order to offer multiplexed cost efficient solutions.
- The platform includes a built-in SNMP agent and relays interface as well as a web-based user interface for an easy full remote control.
- Thanks to its sleek and simple design, Dreamline is designed for simplified maintenance procedures and nonrecurrent maintenance operations in mind.
- Dreamline – install it and forget it!