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ATSC 1.0 – 3.0 Complete Television Transmission Systems


Thomson Broadcast offers long term transmission solutions for high return on investment

Thomson Broadcast transmission solution represents a great opportunity for broadcasters, whether for the migration to ATSC 3.0 of existing transmission stations or for the replacement of IOT Transmitters by transistor-based high efficient transmitters. Thomson transmitter families allow broadcasters to benefit from the latest energy efficiency technologies for huge operational cost savings. Thanks to the support of the latest advanced spectrum-efficient ATSC 3.0 standard combined with managed PAPR efficient technologies, UHD/3D & localized services can be offered for new revenue generation.

One Stop Transmission Solution

Focusing on the best return of investment for broadcasters, Thomson Broadcast is optimizing its digital ATSC 3.0 systems with high-efficient transmitters and smart integration of transmission solutions from the satellite downlink, Integrated Receiver-Decoder & head ends to the masts and antennas including leading-edge energy system. Thomson Broadcast guarantees the global interoperability and the quality of services from the installation to the commissioning. Combined with Thomson long field- proven experience in coverage studies, site surveys, civil work and training, Thomson Broadcast unique transmitter manufacturing capability is quality at its best. Capitalizing on continuous industry leading research and development, Thomson Broadcast is an industry pioneer, which has deployed, through all its latest digital television transmitter lines, sustainable transmission systems. With a many times duplicated transmitter architecture, Thomson transmitters ranges continue to pave the way for easy maintainable solution guaranteeing continuous services.

UHD TV Quality & Easy Maintenance

ATSC 3.0 has been designed to be one of the most flexible and efficient and robust standards. New H265 compression allows to transmit currently 4K and eventually in 8K for fix and mobile receivers, phones and tabs. With streamed 4K content now including High Dynamic Range (HDR) capability, viewers benefit from the most detailed and realistic TV picture ever seen. This ultimate viewer experience is reinforced by a unique immersive audio 5.1 surrounding sound. Furthermore, this next-gen broadcast transmission standard allows broadcasters to use a combination of both broadcasting and broadband distribution for hybrid delivery. Interactive features such as video-on-demand (VOD), personalized news, weather, sports, audio channels, social media feeds and emergency information are proposed to the viewers and localized targeted ads offer new opportunities to broadcasters. Thomson Broadcast is available to support broadcasters with the repack project via our extensive ATSC 1.0 and 3.0 product solutions which include transmitters, filters, combiners, antennae and mast replacement and upgrades. For a smooth and efficient migration, new solid-state transmitters up to 60 kW may be recommended as energy savings greater than 50% may be reached with the latest generation of Thomson transmitter. Unmatched performances are achieved with Thomson specific features such as real-time Digital Adaptive Pre-correction (DAP) technology, the proprietary agile automatic gain control (AAGC), power supply voltage optimization as well as ATSC 3.0 Peak Average Power Ratio (PAPR) with Tone Reservation (TR). This combination of high performance and leading-edge transmitter design backed by 100 years of experience, provides easy maintainability, scalability and minimized the network Total Cost of Ownership. By using a modular concept with easy access to all part, hot-swappable components, transistor module for simplified exchanges, Thomson Broadcsat optimizes transmission networks.

Advantages of ATSC 3.0 & Next Gen TV

ATSC 3.0 combines the best of broadcast and IP capabilities. IP transport based on HTML5 is used for broadcast delivery of both streaming and file content. In DVB standard countries, the Hybrid Broadcast-Broadband Television (HbbTV) open standard is widely spread and Thomson Broadcast has successfully managed its deployment to offer Interactive Environment nourished by numerous HTML5 apps on the receivers. With the ability of ATSC.3 to deliver content and IP-based data to multiple consumers with regionalized and localized content & ads, new huge revenues may be generated. ATSC 3.0 is a game changing opportunity for TV broadcasters that will reshape the television system's business model.

Flexible & Robust Transmission
ATSC 3.0 is a next-generation robust transmission platform using new technologies and advanced error correction for the physical layer featuring OFDM modulation. MPEG HEVC (H265) compression is used for great spectrum efficiency savings which allows more streams and more robust signal approach for mobile programming. This flexibility lies in the various combinations of error corrections, modulation and coding rates assigned to each Physical Layer Pipes (PLP). With a deep expertize in Multiple PLP's (MPLP's) up to 64, Thomson Broadcast offers broadcasters to define their own business model while adapting specific reception robustness to their needs. Within a single broadcast channel MPLP allows to transmit simultaneously UHD, SD, Mobile and Non Real Time services.

Efficient SFN networks
Backed by latest DVB-T2 Single Frequency Networks (SFN) deployments, Thomson Broadcast supports the coverage study and implementation of broadcasters' SFN networks. Additional synchronized transmitters may be added to the network in order to provide a higher quality of services i.e. better indoor or mobile coverage area with the next- generation ATSC 3.0 standard.

Advanced Emergency Alert System
Deployment of ATSC 3 is expected to deliver much-improved emergency alert services with more robust transmission and better indoor reception. Benefiting from geolocalization capabilities through hybrid broadband-broadcast model, localized alert may be really helpful.